Should Elin Attend Tiger’s Press Conference?

Elin / Tiger Woods

As the world waits for Tiger Woods’ press conference on Friday, the biggest question is whether his wife Elin will be by his side to support him. This will mark his first public appearance since he crashed into a tree and his infidelity was exposed, so Elin’s choice to attend (or not) may be the event’s biggest newsmaker. She hasn’t said yes yet, so we’ll have to wait and see. Maybe she’ll show up like Kobe Bryant’s wife … with a brand new apology diamond on her finger. Either way, we want to know what YOU think. Join the discussion on Facebook, and we may use your comments in a future article.

A majority of our Facebook readers don’t want Elin to attend. "I’d hate to see the wife standing there like the good little woman and staring adoringly at her hubby," one fan says.

Another fan goes on to add, "She needs to do what SHE feels is right, not what everyone else tells her she NEEDS to do. Having your personal life blow up in public is hard enough without being told by people who don’t matter what to do."


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